Policies: High School

Code of Conduct (High School)

Colours Policy (High School)

IT Acceptable Use Policy (High School: Academics)

Plagiarism Policy (High School: Academics)

Uniform & Appearance Policy: High School (Updated 2024)

Policies: Preparatory School

Captaincy Policy (Preparatory School)

Code of Conduct (Preparatory School)

Colours Policy: Academics (Preparatory School – 2019)

Colours Policy: Drama (Preparatory School: Academics)

Colours Policy: Music (Preparatory School – June 2021)

Colours Policy: Sport (Preparatory School – May 2022)

IT Acceptable Use Policy (Preparatory School: Academics)

Uniform & Apppearance Policy: Prep School (Updated 1 July 2022)

Policies: Whole College

Anti-bullying & Anti-racism Policy (Dainfern College)

Class Numbers Policy (Dainfern College)

Complaints Procedure Policy (Dainfern College: Administration)

Dainfern College Charter (Dainfern College)

Fees Collection Policy (Dainfern College: Administration)

Language Policy (Dainfern College: Academics)

Learning Support & Accommodations Policy (Dainfern College: Academics)

Management of Substance Abuse Policy (Dainfern College: Pastoral Care )

Transport Policy (Dainfern College: Administration)