About our tuckshop


The Dainfern College tuckshop on campus is situated near the swimming pool alongside the High School classrooms. The tuckshop is operated by Gian Boffelli and serves a variety of snacks and quick, healthy meals, ranging from toasted sandwiches, salads and rolls to the daily special.


Pre-orders for all students may be placed each day, using the Lunchhub Ordering Portal that is accessed via the school’s smartphone app. Students in Grades 4-12 may also order directly from the tuckshop. Pre-orders for our Grade 0-3 students are delivered to the Junior Prep section of the school.


The tuckshop does accept cash but there is also a debit system in place, using students’ student numbers, via the Lunchhub.


Environmental awareness


There is an ongoing drive to decrease single-use plastic at the tuckshop. Straws are no longer automatically provided and recyclable packaging is used wherever possible. Students are encouraged to recycle responsibly and there are recycling sorter bins across the campus.

Students wishing to make use of our Tuckshop may use their tuckshop account to pay by giving their student number. Every purchase made is then debited against funds that have been loaded onto the account via the Lunchhub portal. Use of the account reduces the amount of cash on campus and makes transactions quicker at the Tuckshop.


Cash transactions are still available for parents or visitors to the school.


Loading credit on your child’s student account


The tuckshop has in place a pre-ordering system that is aligned with its tuckshop management system, Mocca. New families must await the issue of a student number – this student number is used as the tuckshop account number.


Payments can be made via a PayGate payment portal on the Lunchhub portal  (please change your password once you have logged in to ensure your account is secure). Click the green Deposit button for the relevant account and select or enter the amount you wish to deposit, then navigate through the remainder of the payment process.


Should you require any more information please contact our Tuckshop Manager, Gian Boffelli.