An education for the world

Having opened its doors in 1997, Dainfern College is a proudly South African school, firmly rooted in the democratic era. We are also aware of the importance of ensuring that our students not only learn about and experience local culture, history and knowledge but that they are exposed to international experiences and realities too.

As a Round Square school Dainfern College is able to offer students the opportunity to meet and engage with peers from around the world while attending regional and international conferences. The cultural awareness that comes with meeting people from other countries and experiencing a multinational environment boosts students’ confidence and understanding and increases their global awareness.


We offer international travel opportunities to our High School students too. Since the school started these international tours, groups of students have visited almost every continent around the globe including Europe, Asia, Australasia as well as both North and South America.


The tours range from experiencing the Great Wall of China to visiting the historical Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. Through these tours, students have the opportunity to experience different cultures, environments all over the globe and broaden their knowledge of the world we live in.

Dainfern College has a broad Student Exchange Programme which sends students to different Round Square schools all around the globe. Our students either host and interact with visiting scholars from all over the world who spend time at Dainfern College or else they themselves have the incredible opportunity to spend time at a school in another country, immersing themselves in a different culture and learning about the similarities and differences of other students and education systems.


In previous years, students from Dainfern College have been sent to countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australasia and both North and South America.