“A Spirit of Service celebrates personal development through practical experience that brings sustainable support and benefit to others.” – Round Square


Since we first opened our doors in 1997, Dainfern College has been consistent in two central beliefs: firstly that our school is a centre of excellence; and secondly that it is our calling and privilege to enrich and engage with our broader community. We feel that it is vitally important that our students understand the importance of service both to their school and their peers and to the broader community and we strive to give our students a variety of opportunities to engage in service activities.


Service is one of the Round Square IDEALS and a key feature in Round Square schools is the expectation that students will engage with local and broader  communities through voluntary service activities. Dainfern College therefore encourages both individual and group service programmes and projects for our school community as well as the broader community both locally and abroad through programmes such as the President’s Award.


At Dainfern College we believe that community service in the form of Outreach is an essential part of the development of the child. It enhances self-esteem and enables children to explore the wider world in a safe and healthy way. We strongly believe that each student should have the opportunity to develop his or her character, personality and personal potential while serving the community at the same time. In the High School students are required to complete 10 hours of Outreach per year and this is a prerequisite for the Leadership programme as well as the award of the coveted Red Blazer.


Each section of the school supports individual projects as well as whole-College drives. Grade 0 has an ongoing collection for Meals on Wheels, a charity that assists the aged with meals. Collection drives across the College include Easter, Winter Warmth and Christmas. We participate in Mandela Day activities every year and support activities such as the Cancer Shavathon, CF Genes Day and so on.


We support and assist at two Cosmo City crèches, ReShomile Primary School and the LEAP 4 Schools in Diepsloot as well as Dakalo Aftercare Diepsloot. We are always grateful for community assistance especially with our Feeding Scheme for pupils at ReShomile and LEAP.

Service 1


Students across the school are encouraged to help and assist peers, staff and the school community. This might be in small ways such as running an errand, tidying a classroom or picking up litter, or in more formalised ways such as working backstage in drama productions or assisting with technical support as a member of the computer tech crew. In the High School there is a more structured programme and students can get involved in a number of school service activities. The hours accumulated and projects driven by students in these areas can lead to the award of Colours in Service.


High School service areas include:


These two groups drive spirit and support at interschools events such as InterHigh Athletics and Winter Derby Days as well as at a number of campus activities.


Students assist with first aid at sports events on campus and run projects such as the annual blood drives. They are expected to complete first aid certificates in order to gain the necessary skills.


The Photography crew cover and photograph school activities for school marketing in publications, advertising and social media. They have weekly training sessions to hone their skills.


The Tech Crew students assist with tech support for staff and students during the academic day. The AV Crew run the sound and lighting box in the auditorium for assemblies, presentations and music and drama events. They also are responsible for audio-visual assistance across campus.

Service 2


The President’s Award Youth Empowerment Programme is the South African version of the international Duke of Edinburgh’s Award that was started by Kurt Hahn, the educationalist whose teachings underpin Round Square. The programme enables young people to participate in and collaborate in award activities that fall under Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and an Adventurous Journey. It is open to students over the age of 14 and has three award levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, each of which has different requirements that the participants must meet.


In order to complete an award level, a participant must complete a minimum number of hours for each area and must show commitment to, and growth in, the activities in which they took part. In order to complete the Gold award, participants must also complete a Residential Project that lasts a minimum of five days. Such projects have included spending time with the K9 anti-poaching unit in the Kruger National Park, assisting with housing and renovation projects and helping at the Owl Rescue Centre.

Service 3


The Dainfern College Foundation endeavours to raise funds to ensure that Dainfern College remains at the forefront of independent education in South Africa by supporting three strategic areas: our Community, our Campus and our Continuity.


In its commitment to our broader community, the Foundation runs the College Feeding Scheme that currently delivers supplementary nutrition packs to 400 orphaned and vulnerable children in Diepsloot.

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  • Service 5
    Junior Prep
    Junior Prep
    Grades 0-3
    Grades 0-3
    Progressive teaching methods and a holistic approach enable your child to build a rich educational foundation for future, lifelong learning in a stimulating, happy and nurturing environment.
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    Senior Prep
    Grades 4-7
    Senior Prep
    Grades 4-7
    An inspiring space that encourages exploration and develops critical thinking and independence through innovative, character-based learning and a wealth of extramural opportunities.
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    High School
    High School
    Grades 8-12
    Grades 8-12
    Acquire the knowledge, skills and values to become a positive, engaged and confident young leader through our exciting, world-class educational approach and comprehensive sports and cultural offer.