Music at Dainfern College

Music at Dainfern College


The Music department at Dainfern College is a well-established and energetic space that allows students to explore their creativity and musical expression both in the classroom and through an extensive extramural programme.


Music as part of the academic curriculum


Our Junior Preparatory students enjoy an hour of music each week. Here they are exposed to all the basic elements of music through play, singing and movement. Important musical elements like pulse, rhythm and pitch are taught in a way that makes the student ‘feel’ the music.


Our Senior Preparatory students have two lessons a week in which they are exposed to a more conscious understanding of what music is. Here students get to build on the basic elements of music and are exposed to musical notation as well as to musicianship at a higher level.


In the High School our Grade 8 and 9 students study Music as part of the Creative Arts offer. These students get to create, listen to and dissect music as well as learn musical notation.


In Grade 10, students may take Music as an IEB option either as an elective subject as part of their curriculum or as an eighth subject.  High School students can also have their external music achievements recognised as an IEB eighth subject –  students selecting this programme play a Grade 7 external practical exam in their Grade 12 year and write a Grade 6 external theory exam in their Grade 11 year. Students who elect to follow the Cambridge A-level curriculum from Grade 11 may still take Music as an academic subject on the Cambridge Studies programme.


Music as an extramural


Music extramurals are an incredibly popular choice across the College. From singing, music ensembles, bands, marimbas groups , choirs and a cappella groups across the College, there are countless opportunities to enjoy ensemble playing and performance.


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Our Music Centre


Our specialised Music Centre, experienced peripatetic teachers and superb facilities ensure the continued growth of individual music at the College and we are an official examination centre for the National Eisteddfod Academy, Trinity College London and Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music London. Click here to find out more about the individual Music lessons offered on our campus.


For further information about the Music offer at Dainfern College, please contact Christophe Roué.

Our Music Offer