School Hymn & Prayer



O Lord, God of Truth,
Whom to know is everlasting life, and to serve is perfect freedom,
Grant that we may draw near to Thee in thought, word and deed.


Inspire us with the love of Thy creatures and Thy laws,
That in all humility and labour,
We may seek after knowledge as a blessing that cometh from Thee.


Whether it be our part to teach or learn, to rule or obey,
Make us feel Thy presence in our several duties,
Filling us with reverence for the beauty and wonder of Thy universe,
And pouring on us a spirit of justice, gentleness and mutual goodwill.


Thus by Thy grace, may we so use this house of learning,
That we may prepare our powers of body, mind and spirit,
To advance the good of man and the Glory of God.




O God of Truth
Bless this our school, Dainfern,
Pour out your spirit
Help us teach and learn,
Make it a place
Where all might use their powers
Of body, mind and spirit
Every day.


O God of Truth,
We celebrate Thy love,
Inspire us with Thy blessing and Thy laws,
Fill us with peace
And reverence for Thy will,
O, bless this house of learning,
Ever more.