Governance & Staff



Dainfern College is a registered non-profit company. The Board of Governors comprises nominated and co-opted members who have a range of competencies to assist in fulfilling the College mandate. The Board, currently chaired by Mrs Lucretia Khumalo, is responsible for the strategic planning of the College, in conjunction with the Executive Head of College, who in turn is responsible for the organisational management of the school on a day-to-day basis.


The Board has a number of sub-committees to assist in carrying out its mandate. These include finance, infrastructure, risk, remuneration and transformation. The Chair of the Board is in regular contact with the College executive.


Policies and codes


Click here to view the Dainfern College Charter.

Click here to view other policies and codes pertaining to the College.


For further information about governance of the College or the work carried out by the Board of Governors, please contact Nadine Brown.

Board of Governors 2023

  • Lucretia Khumalo (Chair)
  • Lance Tomlinson (Deputy Chair)
  • Ray van Gass (Acting Executive Head of Dainfern College & Senior Preparatory Principal)
  • Koos du Toit (Acting Dainfern College High School Principal))
  • Nicky Jansen van Vuuren (Dainfern College Head of Junior Preparatory)
  • Nadine Brown (Dainfern College Business Director)
  • Tapiwa Dube
  • Simon Jackson
  • Kgaukgelo Legoabe-Kgomari
  • Tebogo Manchu
  • Tsholofelo Mathibe
  • Rahul Patel
  • Stephan Willemse


Dainfern College is run by the College Executive Committee (CEC) comprising the Acting Executive Head of College & Senior Preparatory Principal, Mr Ray van Gass; the Acting Principal of the High School, Mr Koos du Toit; the Principal of the Junior Preparatory, Mrs Nicky Jansen van Vuuren; and the Business Director, Mrs Nadine Brown. They in turn report to the Board of Governors, which is chaired by Mrs Lucretia Khumalo.

AllCECJunior PrepSenior PrepHigh SchoolAdmin & Support
Ray van Gass | Principal Senior Prep | Dainfern College

Ray van Gass

Acting Executive Head of College & Principal of the Senior Preparatory
Koos du Toit 1

Koos du Toit

Acting High School Principal | Head of Business Studies
Nicky Jansen van Vuuren - Real Estate

Nicky Jansen van Vuuren

Junior Preparatory Principal
Nadine Brown 2

Nadine Brown

Business Director
Louise Browne 3

Louise Browne

Prep MANCO: Deputy Principal of Academics | Mathematics | Afrikaans
Margie Pettit 4

Margie Pettit

Prep MANCO: Deputy Principal of Student Wellbeing | English
Sandi Tyson 5

Sandi Tyson

Prep MANCO: Deputy Principal of Curriculum, Innovation & Operations | English | Inquiry-based Learning | Philosophy for Children
Cheryl Coetzee 6

Cheryl Coetzee

HS MANCO: Deputy Principal of Student Wellbeing, Deputy Principal of Academics (Acting) | Leadership & Outreach | Life Sciences
Tarryn Longueira 7

Tarryn Longueira

Head of Grade 0 | Grade 0L - Lion Class Teacher
Leonore Gungqisa 8

Leonore Gungqisa

Grade 0L - Lion Class Assistant
Dee Dickinson 9

Dee Dickinson

Grade 0D - Rhino Class Teacher
Stacey Ncube 10

Stacey Ncube

Grade 0D - Rhino Class Assistant
Cathy Ebersohn 11

Cathy Ebersohn

Grade 0E - Giraffe Class Teacher
Sifiso Ndlovu 12

Sifiso Ndlovu

Grade 0E - Giraffe Class Assistant
Henriëtte Botha 13

Henriëtte Botha

Head of Grade 1 | Grade 1B Class Teacher
Siobhan De Jager 14

Siobhan De Jager

Grade 1D Class Teacher
Leigh Buys 15

Leigh Buys

Grade 1L Class Teacher
Elsie Dzanibe 16

Elsie Dzanibe

Grade 1 - Class Assistant
Laurian Duffield 17

Laurian Duffield

Head of Grade 2 | Grade 2D Class Teacher
Judith Ngcobo 18

Judith Ngcobo

Grade 2N Class Teacher
Babita Patel 19

Babita Patel

Grade 2P Class Teacher
Taryn Maree 20

Taryn Maree

Head of Grade 3 | Grade 3M Class Teacher
Ruan Fourie 21

Ruan Fourie

Grade 3F Class Teacher
Rhulani Mlambo 22

Rhulani Mlambo

Grade 3M Class Teacher
Wiandri Worth 23

Wiandri Worth

JP Afrikaans
Noluthando Mazibuko 24

Noluthando Mazibuko

JP isiZulu
Sharon Webb 25

Sharon Webb

Elsa Venter 26

Elsa Venter

Head of Junior Prep Music
Bronwyn Lategan 27

Bronwyn Lategan

JP Visual Arts
Paige Stopforth 28

Paige Stopforth

JP Physical Education
Amanda Mhlobo 29

Amanda Mhlobo

JP Physical Education Assistant
Lauren Ma Sing 30

Lauren Ma Sing

JP Student Support
Lauren Halstead 31

Lauren Halstead

Head of Grade 4 | Grade 4H CLASS TEACHER | Student Support Specialist Grade 4-7
Louise Flynn 32

Louise Flynn

Taryn Grobler 33

Taryn Grobler

Sandy St Clair 34

Sandy St Clair

Head of Grade 5 | Grade 5S Class Teacher | Prep MANCO: Divisional Manager
Bernice Bester 35

Bernice Bester

Grade 5B Class Teacher
Caamila Motani 36

Caamila Motani

Leanne Turner 37

Leanne Turner

Grade 5T Class Teacher | Head of English | House Director: Phoenix
Ashleigh Lellyett-Kromm 38

Ashleigh Lellyett-Kromm

Head of Grade 6 | Grade 6LS Mentor | Mathematics
Joanne Hepplewhite 39

Joanne Hepplewhite

Grade 6LS Mentor | Afrikaans | Social Sciences | Grade 7 Entrepreneurship
Zoë Ahrends 40

Zoë Ahrends

Grade 6AN Mentor | English | SP Physical Education
Kaide Nel 41

Kaide Nel

Grade 6AN Mentor | Technology | Philosophy for Children | House Director: Griffin
Bronwyne Emeric 42

Bronwyne Emeric

Grade 6EW Mentor | English | Drama
Alison Watson 43

Alison Watson

Grade 6EW Mentor | Mathematics | Problem Solving
Janey Frank 44

Janey Frank

Grade 6FW Mentor | Head of Visual Arts | Life Skills
Nick Watson 45

Nick Watson

Grade 6FW Mentor | Design & Technology
Karen Da Costa 46

Karen Da Costa

Head of Grade 7 | Grade 7DE Mentor | Head of Social Sciences | Natural Sciences
Anthony Egbers 47

Anthony Egbers

Grade 7DE Mentor | Director of Information Technology | Head of Technology | ICT
Marijke Aucamp 48

Marijke Aucamp

Grade 7AR Mentor | Afrikaans
Kidi Ramollo 49

Kidi Ramollo

Grade 7AR Mentor | Head of Mathematics | Prep MANCO: Divisional Manager | Head of Transformation, Diversity & Inclusion
Sthabile Mthethwa 50

Sthabile Mthethwa

Grade 7MT Mentor | Head of isiZulu
Jonathan Tshona 51

Jonathan Tshona

Grade 7MT Mentor | SP Physical Education | House Director: Kraken
Sindy Bosch 52

Sindy Bosch

Head of Afrikaans
Eva Odendaal 53

Eva Odendaal

Prep School Counsellor | Head of Life Skills | Round Square SP Coordinator
Sherwin Ganasen 54

Sherwin Ganasen

Head of Senior Prep Music
Corinna Dovey 55

Corinna Dovey

Head of Natural Sciences
Russell Munroe 56

Russell Munroe

Head of Sport: Preparatory School | Head of Physical Education
Sonika van Wyk 57

Sonika van Wyk

Head of Makerspace & Media Centre
Mariza Oosthuizen 58

Mariza Oosthuizen

Head of Accounting | Head of EMS | Business Studies
Keith de Bruyn 59

Keith de Bruyn

Grade Head: Grade 10 | Head of Afrikaans
Susanne Beier 60

Susanne Beier

Gillian Miklos 61

Gillian Miklos

Afrikaans | Head of Thinking Skills
Andy St Clair 62

Andy St Clair

House Director: Phoenix | Business Studies | Economic & Management Sciences
Koketso Motsepe 63

Koketso Motsepe

Computer ApplicationsTechnology
Kelsey-Lynn Oosthuizen | Creative Arts & Drama | Dainfern College

Kelsey-Lynn Oosthuizen

Head of Dramatic Arts
Jarrod Jones 64

Jarrod Jones

Grade Head: Grade 11 | Head of Engineering Graphics & Design | Head of Technology
Kudzai Mupanomunda 65

Kudzai Mupanomunda

Economic & Management Sciences | Life Orientation
Heather Parry 66

Heather Parry

Head of English | English
Carla Ellman 67

Carla Ellman

Donna MacLeod 68

Donna MacLeod

Lynne Ryan 69

Lynne Ryan

School Counsellor | English | Life Orientation
Barrington Southwood 70

Barrington Southwood

Head of Geography
Pam Walker 71

Pam Walker

Geography Tutor
Mark Jackson-Moss 72

Mark Jackson-Moss

Head of Cambridge Studies | Head of History
Nadia Ismail 73

Nadia Ismail

History | Life Orientation
Vimbai Zvaita 74

Vimbai Zvaita

Locum Information Technology
Zinhle Ndaba 75

Zinhle Ndaba

HS MANCO: Divisional Manager | Head of isiZulu
Zibula Dladla 76

Zibula Dladla

isiZulu | Geography
Nola Haynes 77

Nola Haynes

House Director: Kraken | Head of Life Orientation | English
Sonia Claassen 78

Sonia Claassen

Head of Round Square | Life Orientation
Claire Weerepas - Saint Joseph's Hawks men's basketball

Claire Weerepas

Head of Life Sciences
Kamogelo Manenzhe 79

Kamogelo Manenzhe

Life Sciences
Charmaine Steedman 80

Charmaine Steedman

Head of Mathematics | Mathematics | Further Studies Mathematics
Jocelyn Bretherick 81

Jocelyn Bretherick

Mathematics | Mathematical Literacy | Physical Sciences
Carmen Brown 82

Carmen Brown

Grade Head: Grade 8 | Mathematics | Further Studies Mathematics
Nicole du Toit 83

Nicole du Toit

Natalie Mullany 84

Natalie Mullany

Grade Head: Grade 12 | Mathematics | Further Studies Mathematics | Cambridge Mathematics
Lauren Jones 85

Lauren Jones

House Director: Griffin | Mathematical Literacy | Life Orientation
Verity Le Grange 86

Verity Le Grange

Locum Head of High School Music
Jennifer Orsmond 87

Jennifer Orsmond

Head of Physical Sciences
Evette Gemmill 88

Evette Gemmill

Physical Sciences | Cambridge Chemistry
Anita Hewitt 89

Anita Hewitt

Cambridge Biology | Cambridge Physics | Physical Sciences
Daniel Ackerman 90

Daniel Ackerman

Head of High School Sport
Renaldo Meyer 91

Renaldo Meyer

High School Sports Administrator - Locum
Claudia Martin 92

Claudia Martin

Head of Visual Arts
Mark Pettitt 93

Mark Pettitt

Music & Marimba Coach
Brinley Yon - Beard

Brinley Yon

Audio-visual Support | A Cappella & Band Coach
Patricia Burness 94

Patricia Burness

Locum Lab Technician
Lebo Tshimbuya 95

Lebo Tshimbuya

Lab Assistant
Audrey Oosthuizen 96

Audrey Oosthuizen

Finance Manager
Kerry Williams 97

Kerry Williams

Fees Administrator
Zilindile Tyuthwana 98

Zilindile Tyuthwana

Assistant Fees Administrator
Romona Pillay 99

Romona Pillay

Head of Office Administration | Creditors Administrator
Katlego Kgopane 100

Katlego Kgopane

Assistant Creditors' Administrator & Bookkeeper
Joanna Pettitt 101

Joanna Pettitt

Communication & Compliance Manager
Fiona Siebert 102

Fiona Siebert

Enrolments Manager
Patricia Mabilane 103

Patricia Mabilane

Human Resources Manager
Lilly Shika 104

Lilly Shika

Human Resources Intern
Hein Hildebrand 105

Hein Hildebrand

Head of Information Systems
Lindo Maluleke | Advancement Director | Dainfern College

Lindokuhle Maluleke

Head of Marketing
Lerato Moripe 106

Lerato Moripe

Marketing Assistant
Ratchel Caluza 107

Ratchel Caluza

School Nurse
Boitumelo Sikonkwane 108

Boitumelo Sikonkwane

PA to the Executive Head & SP School Principal | PA to the High School Principal | Music Dept Administrator
Matshepo Mashego 109

Matshepo Mashego

Administrator: High School MANCO
Antoinette de Jong 110

Antoinette de Jong

PA to the Principal of the Junior Prep | JP Reception | Aftercare
Rani Munthree 111

Rani Munthree

College Reception
Shayne Simons 112

Shayne Simons

Network Manager
Neo Mashile 113

Neo Mashile

Assistant Network Manager
Brian Leahy 114

Brian Leahy

Estate Manager
Almighty Mabunda 115

Almighty Mabunda

Workshop Foreman
Masilo Mokgwankgwa - Dainfern College

Masilo Mokgwankgwa

Photocopying & Admin Clerk
Abel Lebakeng 116

Abel Lebakeng

Support Staff
Meselaar Mahasa - Strategic planning

Meselaar Mahasa

Support Staff
Edgar Maphalaphathwa 117

Edgar Maphalaphathwa

Support Staff
Josiah Mathe 118

Josiah Mathe

Support Staff
Kullety Mathebula - Strategic planning

Kullety Mathebula

Support Staff
Jacob Mekgwe - UNIK

Jacob Mekgwe

Support Staff
Piet Molope 119

Piet Molope

Support Staff
Melusi Ndawo | Team sport | Dainfern College

Melusi Ndawo

Support Staff
Tim Makgabutlane | Dainfern College

Tim Makgabutlane

Support Staff - Sports
Stanley Makgwatela - Strategic planning

Stanley Makgwatela

Support Staff - Sports
Thomas Mathe 120

Thomas Mathe

Support Staff - Sports
Ncumisa Ndziwa 121

Ncumisa Ndziwa

Kitchen & Functions
Shirley Sithole 122

Shirley Sithole

Kitchen & Functions
Grace Manqindi 123

Grace Manqindi

Media Centre Assistant