High School Scholarships & bursaries




High School Scholarships are awarded to talented current or potential students on the basis of the value they will bring to the school. All students receiving scholarships need to be of good character, have positive personalities and the ability to become role models for their peers. Academic, Sporting, Cultural and All Rounder scholarships may be awarded at the discretion of the Dainfern College Scholarships Committee.


Grade 8 scholarships are offered to students in their Grade 7 year and are open to current and prospective students. To apply for a scholarship, students need to complete the relevant forms and supply certain documentation. They then write two assessments and also have a brief interview with one of the High School Deputy Principals or with the College Principal.


Grade 8 2021 – Application process for current Grade 7 students


At the beginning of 2020, interested Grade 7 students are invited to apply to write our High School scholarship assessments for Grade 8 2021. These exams will take place during the morning of Wednesday 18 March 2020.


To be eligible for a scholarship:


  • Academic, Sporting/Cultural and All Rounder scholarships will be awarded.
  • A candidate needs to be of good character, have a positive personality and the ability to become a role-model for his or her peers.
  • Only students who are South African citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply.
  • NB: Scholarships awarded are for school fees only and may be full or partial.
  • Scholarship recipients not currently enrolled at Dainfern College will be required to pay the College entrance fee.
  • Each scholarship recipient remains responsible for the balance of the school fees not covered by the scholarship.


Application due date


The date will be confirmed in due course. Full applications must be done in HARD COPY – no email applications will be accepted. Please hand all documentation in to the College’s Main Reception by Thursday 27 February 2020 at 12h00.


Scholarship exam morning


  • Candidates are to bring basic stationery for the assessments – no calculators will be required.
  • Candidates are expected to arrive at the Dainfern College Media Centre at 07h15 in their full school uniform to begin at 07h30.
  • After registration and the welcome, a High School tour will be conducted.
  • The candidates and their parents will then be interviewed in groups by senior high school staff.
  • Candidates will write two assessment papers: one Mathematics paper and one English paper (each one hour in length).
  • Candidates are given a break between papers and refreshments are supplied.
  • External candidates can be collected from main reception at 11h30. Internal candidates will go back to class at 11h30.


Sporting and cultural assessments may be set up within the following week after the assessments for candidates applying for scholarships in these areas.


Should you have any questions or queries about the scholarship offer or application process, please contact Deidré Proxenos.


In some years Grade 10 scholarships are also offered and students must apply for these in their Grade 9 year. The application process is much the same as for Grade 8.




A limited number of High School bursaries are available for talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Candidates must be South African citizens who show talent and/or potential in the academic, sporting, leadership or cultural spheres. Students apply in their Grade 7 year for entrance to Grade 8 in the following year and follow a similar but separate application process to the Scholarship application process outlined above.


Please contact Lerato Moripe for further information about the Bursary application process.