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“It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.” Alan Cohen


Welcome to Dainfern College High School!


Dainfern College offers a values-based, relevant and excellent education. We believe in providing opportunities for all our High School students to grow and learn in an environment of support, kindness, respect, discipline and compassion. Our teachers, tutors, student leaders, counsellors and coaches provide strong pastoral care and an amazing spirit and camaraderie exist between students and staff.


As a proud Global Round Square school, we share a strong underlying belief in learning and the development of every student into a whole person… academically, physically, culturally and spiritually, within the supportive environment of a caring school community.


From our groundbreaking academic extension programmes through to our parallel school exit examination system, our comprehensive extramural offer, innovative Leadership programme and our nurturing student wellbeing support systems, we believe we offer a holistic solution to the challenges presented by an ever-changing local and global community.


Our excellent track record as a university feeder school and the successes of our students and alumni, both locally and internationally, attest to the power we celebrate through change.


Our holistic approach to education creates opportunities for active participation in all spheres of school life.

  • High School 2
    Our comprehensive academic offer includes exciting cross-curricular programmes and international educational opportunities as well as the traditional academic subjects.
  • High School 3
    Students choose from a wide range of sports from Athletics to Water Polo and enjoy world-class facilities.
  • High School 4
    Rock bands, a cappella groups, marimbas, drama, public speaking, art, dance… culture is hip, hop and happening in our High School!
  • High School 5
    We strive to produce well-rounded, balanced and compassionate individuals with the confidence to become leaders.
  • High School 6
    We emphasise a strong sense of caring for those in need and encourage our students to serve their community both at school and through our outreach initiatives.


We place a very large emphasis on student wellbeing as we believe that if a student is not in a healthy psycho-social space a student cannot learn. Students need love before they can learn… as teachers we strive to show kindness, empathy and understanding of the experiences that each student in our College has had or is having.


There are many systems in place in our High School to ensure that no child falls through the cracks, whether it be academically, extramurally or socially.

High School 7


All students belong to one of our three Houses; Griffin, Kraken and Phoenix and pastoral, social, administrative and extramural activities are all organised along House lines. Each House has a House Director for Grade 8s and 9s and a House Director for students in Grades 10-12 and together they are responsible for the leadership and management of the House system. Numerous interHouse competitions take place throughout the year and these are always keenly contested.

High School 8


Interested in our High School? Each year we award Academic, Sport, Cultural and All Round Scholarships to talented students who would like to join our College. Potential candidates apply in their Grade 7 year for Grade 8 the following year. We sometimes have Grade 10 scholarships available too.

High School 9


Our High School has strong extension and support programmes in place to help our students reach their full potential. These are deliberately structured to ensure that every student is supported both academically and emotionally:


The Growth Point Academic Extension & Support period gives students a daily opportunity to connect with teachers so as to consolidate or further investigate subject content.


Our Student Support Centre is an important part of our overall student wellness programme, giving students both academic and pastoral support. Emotional counselling, psychometric testing, academic accommodations and organisational and homework support are all available through this centre.

High School 10


The international Round Square association of 200 schools gives students the opportunity for personal development and growth beyond the classroom. As a member of this organisation, Dainfern College is able to inspire and enrich students through experiential learning opportunities linked to the Round Square IDEALS and Discovery Framework. Round Square opportunities at Dainfern College include regional and international conferences, local and international camps and tours, including World Challenge, our well-established student exchange programme and the President’s Award programme.

High School 11


We have a dedicated provider for door-to-door transport solutions.


Our tuckshop sells a range of healthy snacks and meals throughout the day that can be preordered online.


Our students enjoy world-class facilities across the campus, in sport, culture and academics.