At Dainfern College we have in place an exciting and varied sports programme that encourages participation and the pursuit of excellence so as to foster a love of activity and sport in each of our students.


Our campus has top-class sporting facilities including a Hockey Astro, indoor sports hall, high performance centre, cricket academy and a ten-lane swimming pool. Our well-qualified and passionate coaches, who include top performers in their fields, work closely with our staff and we have an intentional programme in place across the College to promote the enjoyment and benefits of being physically active.


Sport in the Preparatory School is headed up by Russell Munro.

Pending the appointment of a new Head of Sport in the High School, please contact Koos du Toit with any High School queries.

Grades 0-2:

The integrated day

In these vital developmental years, we focus on movement skills and having fun while developing physical confidence and competence. The development of a strong core, rhythm, motor coordination, eye-hand and eye-foot skills and planning, motor planning and balance is integrated into a day that incorporates outside play and a specific programme that is both playful and engaging.


All Grade 1 and 2 students have three hours of physical activity each week in order to develop motor coordination, balance, physical fitness and the skills that are foundational components of all sporting codes.

Grades 3-7:

Skills and sportsmanship

For these students, the focus is on fundamental sport skills, developing each child’s physical literacy in various sports, learning to read an environment, moving with confidence and control in a wide range of physical activities, and participating in at least two to three different sports. A taste of competitive sport – including what it feels like to be part of a team, being able to both win and lose with grace, and a focus on skills and not results – develops character and embeds the values associated with solid sportsmanship in this age group.


It is compulsory for every child to participate in at least one school sporting activity per season.

Grades 8-12:

Teamwork and excellence

Our High School students now start to hone specific sporting skills, focusing on training and teamwork. This allows for greater specialisation or broad participation, developing a life-long passion for being physically active and a strong culture of willing participation, where all strive to enjoy, support and develop teamship – where not all will excel but all are involved.


It is compulsory for Grade 8-11 students to participate in at least one school sport per year, and involvement in more than one sport is strongly encouraged. Participation is still strongly encouraged for our Grade 12 students.


At Dainfern College our students enjoy superb sporting facilities and expert coaching across the College. Once students reach Grade 3 they start to learn about the rules and expectations of specific sports codes, rather than general physical coordination and movement skills. Students are also introduced to competitive sport from this age, both internally through interHouse fixtures, and externally, against other schools either in friendly fixtures or official school leagues.


Children in the Preparatory School are expected to participate in at least one sports code per season, while our High School students in Grades 8-11 must select at least one sport per year. With 12 sports codes on offer across the College, there are a host of options from which to choose.

Sport 1


The College enjoys world-class sporting facilities on campus, including an indoor sports hall, high performance gym, hockey Astro, dedicated cricket academy, numerous sports fields and courts and two swimming pools.

Sport 2


Private coaching is offered on campus by highly qualified and passionate coaches. There are also a number of extracurricular sports activities offered.


We are privileged to have an outstanding gym facility on campus in addition to all our other sporting facilities at the school.


Our students in both the High School and the Prep School often get the opportunity to travel on sports tours.