Recognition & Awards


Our motto is ‘Celebrate’ and we like to do just that. We believe in positive affirmation and recognise that children achieve in different ways. We therefore acknowledge and praise not only excellence, but progress and commitment as well. This develops children’s confidence and self-esteem so that they acquire the determination and skills required to achieve to the best of their ability.


Recognition begins in small ways in our Junior Preparatory with awards such as our weekly cultural and sports ‘Stars of the Week’ and class awards – even the Grade 3 pen licence. In this way our students learn that effort and the achievement of goals, no matter how small, are both noticed and celebrated.


In the Senior Preparatory we continue to celebrate weekly achievements in extramurals as well as recognise students who espouse our core values. Academic commitment is recognised with ROARward badges and commendations while sporting and cultural achievements each season are recognised with certificates of commitment and excellence. At the end of each year we award academic certificates for progress and commitment as well as the achievement of excellence. In Grade 7 students can work towards colours in academics as well as sports and cultural codes and will receive scrolls they can wear on their blazer. Trophies across all areas of achievement are awarded at the end-of-year Grade 7 Valediction and Prize-giving.


There is a comprehensive Colours Policy in place in the High School. Colours are not merely a reward for an activity well performed, but are given in recognition of overall excellence, of achievement on a continuous basis and of commitment to a particular code. We recognise excellence in five areas: Academics, Culture, Leadership (Grade 12s on the Leadership Programme), Service and Sport. There are also numerous trophies and prizes awarded in all areas of High School life.

The Red Blazer

The highest award that the College can bestow on a student is College Honours in the form of the Red Blazer. The Red Blazer celebrates the achievements of those exceptional students who have achieved a minimum of full colours in at least three of the pillars of a Dainfern College education: Academics, the Cultural Arts, Sport, Service and Leadership. A white scroll extracurricular award can replace sport or culture provided the student has represented the school at first team level and has achieved at least a team scroll in this area.


Students also need to show evidence of their commitment to Dainfern College over a period of time and thus need to have achieved Prestige awards in at least two of these areas.


In addition to these achievements students will only be considered for a Red Blazer award if their conduct is exemplary and epitomises the values of the College, and they have completed the required Outreach hours (10 hours per year).


The countless hours of commitment and the high level of skills required to achieve across these disciplines show that recipients of the Red Blazer are genuine all-rounders at the highest level, rather than specialists in one field.


Caryn Love

Dance, Leadership, Swimming, Water Polo

Vinnie Ledwaba

Academics, Leadership, Music Ensemble, Performing Arts, Service

Thoriso Lamola

Academics, Cultural Honours (Music Ensemble, Performing Arts, Public Speaking), Service

Patrick Casserly

Academics, Hockey, Leadership

Matthew Pretorius

Academics, Individual Music, Music Ensemble, Swimming

Jenna Smart

Academics, Outreach, Sports Honours (Athletics, Hockey, Swimming)

Gabrielle Smith

Academics, Individual Music, Music Ensemble, Outreach

Pumelele Vabaza

Academics, Debating, Leadership, Music Ensemble

Babalwa Vabaza

Academics, Leadership, Music Ensemble, Public Speaking

Michael Gait-Smith

Academics, Athletics, Cross Country, Individual Music

Oluwaferanmi Oluwadairo

Academics, Athletics, Public Speaking

Tina Giannopoulos

Academics, Athletics, Individual Music, Public Speaking

Rachel Calaz

Academics, Athletics, Cultural Honours (Chess, Individual Music, Music Ensemble)

Ewodwa Maqgasa

Academics, Action Netball, Music Ensemble, Performing Arts, Public Speaking

Reece Fairweather

Indoor Hockey, Hockey, Leadership, Performing Arts

Shane Fairweather

Athletics, Indoor Hockey, Leadership, Music, Performing Arts

Tamica Govender

Academics, Leadership, Public Speaking

Lara Pillay

Academics, Leadership, Netball, Tennis

Erin van den Heever

Academics, Leadership, Music

Sian Willoughby

Leadership, Music, Swimming

Michael Browne

Academics, Hockey, Public Speaking

Luca du Toit

Academics, Public Speaking, Sports Honours (Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming)

Vincent Lesch

Academics, Sports Honours (Indoor Hockey, Hockey, Swimming), Performing Arts

Anna Moreira

Academics, Public Speaking, Sports Honours (Hockey, Swimming)

Ilinca Stefan

Academics, Public Speaking, Service

Deon van der Merwe

Hockey, Leadership, Music Ensemble

Ingrid Msiniwa

First Aid, Individual Music, Leadership

Kutloano Mmusi

Leadership, Performing Arts, Public Speaking, Soccer

Reace Cloete

Athletics, Leadership, Music Ensemble

Leigh Burnard

Academics, Leadership, Outreach

Zoe Browne

Academics, Leadership, Water Polo

Jade Bernstein

Cheerleading, Leadership, Public Speaking

Gina Ballard

Academics, Chess, Netball

Christopher Giannopoulos

Academics, Public Speaking, Water Polo

Joshir Singh

Academics, Athletics, Public Speaking

Kiara Baker

Academics, Public Speaking, Sports Honours (Athletics, Indoor Hockey, Swimming)

Mark Pettitt

Academics, Music, Music Ensemble, Service

Khwezi Ndlovu

Academics, Athletics, Chess, Music Ensemble

Cameron Redman

Academics, Athletics,  Leadership, Rugby, Water Polo

Kian Li Wan Po

Academics, Leadership, Rugby

Nina Kisbey-Green

Academics,  Leadership, Performing Arts

Tahlia Chowdary

Academics, Athletics, Performing Arts

Joel dos Santos

Music, Service, Swimming

Lan Xu

Academics, Public Speaking, Service

Emma Zyde

Academics, First Aid, Performing Arts

Emma Zyde

Academics, First Aid, Performing Arts

James Weir

Academics, Leadership, Sports Honours (Athletics, Cricket, Hockey, Soccer)

Mitchell Sparrow

Academics, Athletics, Cycling, Leadership

Oluwanifemi Oluwadairo

Academics, Leadership, Public Speaking, Soccer

Rachael Lee

Academics, Hockey, Leadership, Water Polo

Sam Lambson

Academics, Leadership, Swimming

Jaimee Coetzee

Hockey, Leadership, Service, Water Polo,

Maxine Brunette

Academics, Public Speaking, Squash

Ross Ballard

Academics,  Cultural Honours (Chess, Debating, Public Speaking), Leadership

Tae Jun An

Academics, Chess, Service

Monique Teixeira

Academics, Performing Arts, Soccer

Anda Nyati

Academics, Performing Arts, Service

Sabrina Kerr

Performing Arts, Service, Water Polo

Hadley Dickinson

Hockey, Performing Arts, Service, Soccer

Andréa Lemmer

Athletics, Music, Service, Swimming

Brandon Gray

Academics, Public Speaking, Swimming

Nicholas van der Meulen

Academics, Fly Fishing, Service

Melanie Lesch

Academics, Athletics, Cross Country, Performing Arts

Kate Forbes

Academics, Dance, Service

Brody Leather

Golf, Performing Arts, Service

Lunako Munyai

Athletics, Leadership, Music, Performing Arts

Sarah-Olivia Nunn

Academics, Leadership, Service

Sarah Forbes

Hockey, Leadership, Music, Performing Arts

Stephen Pettitt

Academics, Leadership, Music, Performing Arts

Thabang Ndlovu

Academics, Leadership, Service

Isabella Casilli

Academics, Leadership, Music, Performing Arts

Bradley van der Merwe

Academics, Athletics, Music, Rugby

Kieran Bergh

Academics, Chess, Tennis

Roxsanne Smith

Academics, Athletics, Music

Sacha des Tombe

Academics, Athletics, Performing Arts

Caroline Smart

Academics, Outreach, Swimming

Bevan Willoughby

Academics, Music, Swimming

Toluwanimi Oluwadairo

Academics, Leadership, Soccer

Gregory Holding

Academics, Leadership, Soccer

Laura Bishop

Academics, First Aid, Soccer

Tristan Venter

Academics, Athletics, Leadership, Tennis

Ashleigh Sparrow

Academics, Hockey, Leadership, Swimming

Graeme Page

Leadership, Rugby, Service

Daniel Moreira

Academics, Athletics, Leadership, Swimming

Sarah Lunt

Academics, Leadership, Performing Arts

Jeremy Li Wan Po

Academics, Leadership, Rugby, Swimming

Gina Calaz

Academics, Music, Swimming

Oliver Lambson

Academics, Athletics, Hockey, Music

Anya Humphries

Academics, Leadership, Performing Arts, Public Speaking

Sunuri Subramoney

Academics, Leadership, Performing Arts, Public Speaking

Robyn Lailvaux

Academics, Leadership, Netball

Joey Chen

First Aid, Leadership, Music

Garth Skinner

Academics, Leadership, Public Speaking, Swimming

Daniel Bresgi

Academics, Hockey, Public Speaking

Christopher van der Meulen

Academics, Fly Fishing, Public Speaking

Catherine Eltringham

Academics, Athletics, Leadership

Daniella Potgieter

Academics, Leadership, Netball

Chipochashe Biti

Academic, Leadership, Performing Arts

Christopher Boxall

Leadership, Public Speaking, Swimming

Daniela Casilli

Academics, Athletics, Dance

Samantha Horsfield

Academics, Dance, First Aid

Lara Strachan

Academics, First Aid, Public Speaking

Bradley Mostert

Academics, Drama, Swimming

Jessica Fertig

Academics, Athletics, Drama, Swimming

Paige Albyn

Athletics, Hockey, Leadership, Public Speaking, Swimming

Eric de Ridder

Academics, Athletics, Leadership

Lauren Dean

Academics, Athletics, Hockey, Leadership, Public Speaking, Squash, Tennis

Richard Klein

Academics, Public Speaking, Water-Skiing

Ricardo Delgado

Academics, Hockey, Public Speaking

Makhotso Ramphele

Drama, Leadership, Netball, Public Speaking

Ross McConnochie

Academics, Athletics, Leadership, Rugby, Swimming

Robyn Armstrong

Academics, Dance, First Aid, Public Speaking

Machela Sathekga

Academics, Leadership, Public Speaking

Nicola du Toit

Academics, Public Speaking, Tennis

Peter Klein

Academics, Hockey, Public Speaking, Tennis, Water Skiing

Karin Nel

Academics, Drama, Netball

Michael Nash

Academics, Leadership, Swimming