RISC 2022

RISC 2022

RISC 2022 1

Round Square International Conference: UK 2022

From 15-27 September, ten of our High School students accompanied by Mrs Sonia Claassen and Ms Christine Zeelie, attended the Round Square International Conference in the United Kingdom.

The group travelled to England with St Andrew’s Girls and Roedean Schools and spent three days exploring London. The time coincided with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and London was filled with flags and tributes. The group was invited to the South Africa High Commission for a short talk on democracy, how the consulate operates and the ties between South Africa and Great Britain.

The group then travelled to Oxford University for the conference, which was hosted by six Round schools, namely, Felsted, ASK Lytham, Boxhill, Cobham Hall, Latymer Upper School and Ryde School. Themed ‘Take Less. be More’, the Conference was attended by 1300 delegates from 23 different countries and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the inspiring talks and discussions.

For the second part of the Conference, Dainfern College travelled with 20 other Round Square schools to Felsted School in Essex. The four-day programme kept the students busy with interactive workshops, competitions and social adventures on the final evening. The service day comprised a forest-based activity where the groups explored a local beaver habitat and the concept of rewilding. The adventure day on Mersea Island included high-ropes, zip lining, climbing walls and team obstacle courses.