New Executive Head at Dainfern College

New Executive Head at Dainfern College

New Executive Head at Dainfern College 1

Dainfern College welcomes Mr JC Engelbrecht

In July 2022 the Board of Governors of Dainfern College announced that Mr JC Engelbrecht had been appointed as the new Executive Head of Dainfern College and High School Principal to succeed Mr Davies. Mr Engelbrecht joined our community on 4 October 2022.

Mr Engelbrecht was previously the Executive Head at Curro Aurora, a co-educational IEB school situated in Randburg, a role he held since 2017. Prior to this, Mr Engelbrecht was the High School Principal at Abbotts College, part of the AdvTech group, from 2004 to 2016. He also taught Geography at Helpmekaar College for seven years and has been a Geography Subject Moderator for the IEB.

Chairman of the Board, Mrs Lucretia Khumalo, wrote: “A firm believer in innovative and holistic education, Mr Engelbrecht will bring strategic and inspirational leadership to our College to ensure that Dainfern College maintains its status as a leading independent school in a changing environment.”

In his first newsletter message to the community, Mr Engelbrecht wrote: “I look forward to teaming up with you to ensure all our students are celebrated and supported. Together, we will ensure that we maintain and grow the Dainfern College tradition of excellence and community. As Executive Head, I will strive to ensure that all families and students feel welcome and connected to our school and part of the team: a team that will grow stronger over time and a team that finds strength in our common values and our Christian ethos.”

At his first assembly with the High School, Mr Engelbrecht was introduced by Mr Koos du Toit and then invited to ring the bell to signal the commencement of his tenure at the college. He then addressed the High School. The High School A Cappella, conducted by Mr Brinley Yon, also performed at the assembly.