Celebrating our Cambridge results

Celebrating our Cambridge results

Celebrating our Cambridge results 1

Celebrating our 2022 Cambridge results

We are delighted with our Cambridge A and AS level results for 2022, which were released on 10 January 2023.

Dainfern College has offered the Cambridge International A Level programme since 2019 as an academic option from Grade 11, alongside our excellent IEB Matric academic offering. This programme allows us to benchmark ourselves globally and is an integral part of our focus on internationalism.

Our Cambridge students have once again achieved an exceptional set of A Level and AS Level results, testament to their resilience, grit and superb work ethic as well as the professionalism and commitment of our Cambridge teachers.

Here is an overview of our 2022 results:

  • 100% Matric Exemption since the inception of the Cambridge programme
  • 7 ‘A’ Symbols attained from the 11 A-Level examinations written
  • 11 ‘A’ Symbols attained from the 31 AS-Level examinations written
  • 75% of the students who wrote A-Level or AS-Level Physics attained an ‘A’ symbol
  • 66,7% of the students who wrote A-Level or AS-Level Chemistry attained an ‘A’ symbol
  • AS Level Business, Computer Science and Music examinations written for the first time


Our top A Level student, Makanaka Nyengerai, achieved a 85,25% average across four subjects, with an A* (90-100%) for Chemistry and As (80-90%) for History, Mathematics and Physics. Samuel Willemse, another top A Level student, attained a 78,5% average for his four subjects, with As for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Our top AS Level student is Pares Malindi, who attained an average of 89% for his four subjects, with As for Computer science, Enhglish language, Mathematics and Physics.

We are so proud of all of our Cambridge students’ achievements and congratulate them on their achievements. The results of the A-Level and AS Classes in 2022 are proof of the successful integration of this additional academic programme at Dainfern College and are certainly to be celebrated.

We look forward to the ongoing success of our Cambridge Studies programme.