Student well-being in the Junior Preparatory

Student well-being in the Junior Preparatory

Throughout the Preparatory School we place particular emphasis on three key aspects that encompass the care and nurturing of our students. We are committed to ensuring that all aspects of the students’ school lives are catered for and addressed, especially the areas of concern that are inevitable in any school environment.


The Student Affairs team meets on a regular basis to discuss any issues and concerns regarding the well-being and support of all of our students. In the Junior Preparatory this portfolio is overseen by Junior Prep Principal, Mrs Patti Blackhurst.

Student well-being

We know that from time to time our students experience difficulties in their personal lives and therefore need an opportunity to talk about this and receive advice and counselling depending on the nature of the problem. Our Prep School Counsellor, Ms Eva Odendaal, is responsible for the Life Skills programme and the counselling of students.

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Academic Learning Support

A team of teachers comprising academic support therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, the school counsellor and key academic and pastoral care staff meet on a weekly basis to discuss students who are at risk and to recommend interventions to assist these students to the best of our ability. Mrs Patti Blackhurst heads up the Junior Preparatory team.

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At Dainfern College we recognise both the positive aspects of a child’s behaviour as well as apply the necessary consequences should a student display the undesired behaviours that are contrary to our Code of Conduct. We believe in a positive reinforcement policy regarding discipline and strive to address any issues in a fair and just manner. In the Junior Preparatory Principal, Mrs Patti Blackhurst, and her team manage this portfolio.

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