Red Blazer awards

Red Blazer awards

Three new Red Blazer awards were made at the High School prize-giving on 4 December 2018.

The five pillars of a Dainfern College education are Academics, the Cultural Arts, Sport, Service and Leadership. Our holistic approach to education encourages students to embrace every opportunity on offer at the College across all disciplines. In line with our motto of ‘Celebrate’ we recognise and reward students’ achievements with the award of colours. The highest award that the College can bestow on a student is College Honours in the form of the Red Blazer. The Red Blazer celebrates the achievements of those exceptional students who excel across these important areas of College life, and who have achieved a minimum of full colours in at least three of these areas.

Students also need to show evidence of their commitment to Dainfern College over a period of time and thus need to have achieved Prestige awards in at least two of these areas. In addition to these achievements students will only be considered for a Red Blazer award if their conduct is exemplary and epitomises the values of the College, and they have completed the required Outreach hours. The countless hours of commitment and the high level of skills required to achieve across these disciplines show that recipients of the Red Blazer are genuine all-rounders at the highest level, rather than specialists in one field.

We congratulate the following students on their Red Blazers:

Rachel Calaz: Cultural Honours, Full Colours for Academics, Full Colours for Athletics, Full Colours for Chess, Full Colours for Individual Music, Full Colours for Music Ensemble

Tina Giannopoulos: Honours for Individual Music, Honours for Public Speaking , Full Colours for Academics, Full Colours for Athletics

Oluwaferanmi Oluwadairo: Honours for Academics, Full Colours for Athletics, Full Colours for Public Speaking