Prep School Leadership


At Dainfern College Preparatory, we believe that all students have the potential to be leaders as they have opportunities to effect change in their daily interaction with others in the classroom, on the playground and on the sports field . While there is no formal ‘Prefect’ system in place in the Preparatory School, we do have a Leadership Programme that gives our students the opportunities to develop leadership skills:


Captaincy: From Grade 3 our students have the opportunity to captain sports sides and cultural extramural groups, with responsibilities differing per age group. By Grade 7 each sport and cultural extramural has a dedicated captain – read more about these opportunities here.


Leadership workshops and summits: Students are introduced to various aspects of leadership through workshops run by organisations such as Lead for Life. Grade camps from Grade 4 to 7 always incorporate activities that encourage and teach leadership skills. Our Grade 7s participate in the Redhill Leadership Summit each year, when they interact with students from a variety of different schools in leadership workshops and also get the chance to listen to various speakers.


Learner Representative Councillor (LRC): Every class in the Senior Preparatory elects an LRC per term who assists with general duties pertaining to classroom organisation and assistance, thus preparing our students to use their initiative so that they can become responsible and caring citizens.


Grade 7 student councillor programme: In Grade 7 our students are given duties and responsibilities to carry out over the course of the year where they are monitored and mentored so as to give them a grounding and understanding of what it means to lead and serve: a vital aspect of leadership in its truest form.