Celebrating the inaugural Cambridge Studies Class of 2020

Celebrating the inaugural Cambridge Studies Class of 2020 1

Celebrating the inaugural Cambridge Studies Class of 2020

Celebrating the inaugural Cambridge Studies Class of 2020 2

Celebrating the inaugural Cambridge Studies Class of 2020

Dainfern College is a proudly South African school that also places huge emphasis on the value of internationalism. Since 2019, the College has offered Cambridge A Levels as an optional school leaving exam alongside the IEB National Senior Certificate (‘matric’) and the first Grade 12 cohort wrote A Levels in 2020.

As Dainfern College is a member of the international Round Square association of schools, internationalism is one of its key drivers. Thus, in 2019, the College added Cambridge Assessment International Education to its academic offering with the introduction of the Cambridge A Level programme as an optional exit examination. This international education option is offered in parallel at the College, alongside its excellent IEB matric curriculum. Students choose between the A Level and matric programmes at the start of Grade 11.

Dainfern College is proud to announce an exceptional set of A and AS Level results in the 2020 Cambridge examinations. This is the first time that students at Dainfern College have written the A Level examinations and they did not disappoint.

College Principal, Mr Matthew Davies, commented: “The results from the inaugural A-Level class are cause for celebration of the excellent integration of this additional academic programme at Dainfern College as well as the superb teaching of the Cambridge staff, under the leadership of Ms Joulia Karamichael, the Director of Cambridge Studies at our College.”

The students who wrote the A Level examinations achieved a 100% pass rate and 100% access to tertiary studies. Top student, Xiaoya Huang, wrote four A Levels and achieved ‘A’s for Mathematics and Chemistry and an ‘A*’ for Chinese, with an outstanding overall average of 83,75%.

The Grade 11 AS students also achieved superb results, particularly Hamza Mahmood, who attained four ‘A’s for Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. This group of students will be writing A Levels at the end of 2021.

Ms Karamichael acknowledged that 2020 was by no means an easy academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The results attained in the 2020 Cambridge Assessment International Education examinations by our Dainfern College students are testament to the professionalism and dedication of our academic staff, as well as the resilience, grit and commendable work ethic of our students.

“We are most grateful for the wholehearted support of parents and salute the achievements of our Cambridge students in the Class of 2020.”

Celebrating the inaugural Cambridge Studies Class of 2020 3

Xiaoya Huang

Overall average: 83,75%

Chinese: A*

Chemistry: A

Mathematics: A

Physics: B

(An ‘A’ at A Level is equivalent to a mark in the 80-89% range, and an ‘A*’ is in the 90-100% band)