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Dainfern College is an independent co-educational day school based on a Christian ethos and catering for students from Grade 0 through to Grade 12.


We focus on developing the life skills necessary to unlock our students’ unique personal potential and to nurture creative thinkers with the confidence to become leaders. This is done through the provision of a values-based, holistic, internationally relevant and quality education that emphasises creativity, innovation and thinking skills. We believe in leadership, inspiring individuals, and equipping our girls and boys to thrive in a modern global community.


We would love to show you around our beautiful campus and give you the opportunity to meet some of the remarkable young people and staff who make the Dainfern College family what it is.

  • Junior Prep
    Junior Prep
    Grades 0-3
    Grades 0-3
    Progressive teaching methods and a holistic approach enable your child to build a rich educational foundation for future, lifelong learning in a stimulating, happy and nurturing environment.
  • Grades 4-7
    Senior Prep
    Senior Prep
    Grades 4-7
    An inspiring space that encourages exploration and develops critical thinking and independence through innovative, character-based learning and a wealth of extramural opportunities.
  • High School
    High School
    Grades 8-12
    Grades 8-12
    Acquire the knowledge, skills and values to become a positive, engaged and confident young leader through our exciting, world-class educational approach and comprehensive sports and cultural offer.

NEXT OPEN DAY 7 March 2019 | 09h00-10h00



  • Innovation
    The latest teaching methods, constant curriculum review and development, experiential learning, even changes to the look and feel of the traditional classroom, all work towards the development of the next generation of innovators and creative thinkers.
  • Internationalism
    As a proudly South African school we recognise the importance of also exposing our students to international experiences and opportunities. Our partnerships with Round Square and Cambridge International ensure that we deliver a truly global education.
  • Leadership
    We believe that every child has unique insight and ability. Through our innovative and structured leadership programme we strive to produce confident yet humble leaders who are respectful, have integrity and who embrace challenges with passion and purpose.
  • Round Square
    Round Square
    Dainfern College is a global member of Round Square, one of over 200 schools worldwide that seek to instil in students “an enterprising curiosity, an undefeatable spirit, tenacity in pursuit, readiness for sensible self-denial and above all, compassion”.
  • Student Wellness
    Student Wellness
    Our caring and experienced staff place a large emphasis on student well-being and our emotional wellness, pastoral care and academic support programmes are structured so as to ensure all our students are happy, engaged, productive and inspired.
  • Independent &
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    Independent &
    Sustainability, strong leadership and transparent governance are key to our school. We cherish our independence as a private, stand-alone, non-profit school where all of our fees and consequently our resources are poured back into the school to maximise the benefits to our students.

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The College is blessed with outstanding academic, sports and cultural facilities across our campus


Aftercare is available every afternoon during term and most days during the school holidays

Bus Service

We provide a morning bus service and also have a dedicated provider for door-to-door transport solutions

Round Square

We are a member of this vibrant international network of 200 schools in 50 countries


Our Foundation aims to multiply our impact on the world around us by supporting our community, our campus and our continuity

Alumni Association

We continue to maintain links with our old boys and girls as we celebrate their successes and share their special life moments

Parents’ Association

Find out how you can help our Parents’ Association in fundraising for the school and driving special school events

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Dainfern College
@DainfernCollegeFeb 02
@JeanetteViljoen Did you do the Swift one too?
Dainfern College
@DainfernCollegeFeb 02
@DainfernCollege is even busy on the weekends. Today the SP choir had their first choir workshop of the year and w… https://t.co/H7or6Vs89V
Dainfern College
@DainfernCollegeJan 31
Following the success of the innovative Xtend-It programme in 2018, the developer team spent time at Cradle Moon Lo… https://t.co/Z2TMBo1ZlA
Dainfern College
Dainfern College
Music is an integral part of the holistic education we offer and the Grade 0 guitar group are making so much progress in their lessons.

#DainfernMusic #DainfernCollege #Celebrate
Dainfern College
Dainfern College added 22 new photos.
Celebrating Valentine's Day this year helped to spread a little warmth and joy around the College despite the wet weather.

Grade 0s baked heart shaped cookies and practised hopscotch. Grade 1s delighted in birthday treats from their fellow pupils. Grade 2s made Valentine's-themed crafts. Grade 5s spread a little love with kind messages and sharing snacks, and joining in dancing. Grade 6s learned about love languages. The High School Matric Dance committee delivered gifts and sold treats at break.

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Dainfern College
Dainfern College
Integrated Day offers the Grade 0, 1 and 2 students the opportunity to experience the College's extramural offering during the school day.

The Grade 1s thoroughly enjoyed their first week of Integrated Day. They had lots of fun learning to catch the ball and developing their hand-eye co-ordination and learning the steps of how to bowl was certainly a highlight of their lesson.

From Grade 3 students participate in their chosen afternoon extramurals.

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Dainfern College
Dainfern College
Teacher Elsa is taking the Grade 0 Elephant class through a new song during their Valentine's Day music lesson.

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Dainfern College
Dainfern College
Dainfern College
Grade 5M is making the best of the weather by sharing snacks with their friends in class

#ValentinesDay #DainfernCollege
Dainfern College
Dainfern College
Dainfern College
Happy Valentine's Day to our Dainfern College community from Grade 7S! 🥰❤️

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