Tuckshop cards

The Tuckshop is an external service provider to Dainfern College.

Tuckshop menu

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Cards and the Tuckshop

Pupils wanting to make use of our Tuckshop may use their student card to pay. This card is then swiped for every purchase made, provided funds for the pupils’ cards have been loaded onto the account through an EFT payment. Use of the student card reduces the amount of cash on campus and makes transactions quicker at the Tuckshop.

Cash transactions are still available for parents or visitors to the school.

Loading credit on your child's student card

Account details for deposits are as follows:

Please use your child’s name and surname as the beneficiary reference.

Once payment is reflected in the account the tuck account will receive the credit.

Should you require any more information please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gian Boffelli
Tuckshop Manager

Replacing lost student cards

All staff and students are issued with an initial card free of charge when they start at Dainfern College.
Replacement cards are charged at R50 which can be debited to your Dainfern College account.

To order a replacement card, please use the link below:

Dainfern College Student Card Order Form

Printing/photcopying with a student card

Staff/student cards are required to log in to printers and photocopiers. Once logged in you are able to view, release or cancel ONLY your own print jobs.

This system is intended to reduce the number of print jobs being accidentally released and left in the printer; it also makes it safer to print private/confidential documents.

Students are issued with R120 worth of printing credit (printing credit is a seperate balance to tuckshop credit) for the year. If more printing credit is required, top up cards can be purchased from the tuckshop.