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Olivia shows you CAN live boldly with cystic fibrosis

Dainfern College proudly supports the South African Cystic FIbrosis Association (SACFA), by raising awareness of the condition and also funds for research and treatment of the condition in sufferers. This is a cause that's close to our heart, since one of our very dear Grade 3 pupils, Olivia Browne, has cystic fibrosis (CF). 

CF is genetic, meaning children inherit the condtion from their parents. The condition can affect various organs in the body, but usually affects the lungs and pancreas; it results in the over-production of mucus in these organs, which in turn causes blockages and organ damage (which is fatal if left untreated). There are an estimated 700 people living with cystic fibrosis in South Africa, with many more likely misdiagnosed or unable to access treatment for the condition. There is no cure for CF at present. 

On CF Genes Day (held on 31 May 2017), the College raised R10 000 in donations for SACFA. And Olivia shared her story with her class, teaching them more about the condition and the challenges associated with its treatment. "Cystic fbrosis is a severe genetic disease. I have it and I am Olivia Browne," she said. 

Olivia's peers reflect on Olivia's presentation:

"You wear jeans for CF Genes Day because Olivia in our class has it." - Christian

"One special little girl named Olivia has CF and she has shown us how special she is and what CF does to you." - Amelia

"We wear jeans on CF day and it is fun and specia.l" - Selwyn

"Olivia is so special because she is so sweet, so bubbly, and unique and she does all these things. She will always be the amazing girl that she is today. CF is not easy to live with and Olivia has done it so well." - Valentina

"On CF Olivia explained what cystic fibrosis was and we celebrated Olivia. She has a cast on and we all wore jeans." - Kirthavia

"CF is a disease that Olivia got when she was born and I am so happy to have a friend like Livvy." - Angelina

"CF day was great, we donated money and we wore jeans." - Christopher

"On CF Day, we wear jeans, 20-year t shirts and takkies." - Michael

"We wore jeans on Wednesday because Olivia has CF and she is a very special girl." - Mohaudi

"We donated money to wear jeans. Olivia has CF and she is very happy with it but the doctors are trying to make a cure for it." - Matlhogonolo

"CF Day is when we wear jeans and celebrate Olivia instead of civvies." - Dimpho

"We wore jeans on Wednesday and we celebrated with Olivia because she has cystic fibrosis." - Micaiah

"On Wednesday it was CF and we donated R10 to wear jeans. Someone in our class has it and her name is Olivia. She always comes to school with a big smile and she is my friend." - Tatum

"CF is a rare sickness that my friend Olivia has but she always has a smile on her face." - Jenna.

"On Wednesday it was CF day and my best friend, Olivia, has it. She is a very special girl and we all wore jeans for CF. I am glad to have a friend like Olivia." - Emily

"Olivia has CF and she is my best friend. I am very happy to have a friend like her." - Kiara


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You are here: Home Junior Prep Junior Prep News Olivia shows you CAN live boldly with cystic fibrosis