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The best day ever!

Here's what our Grade 2 and 3 pupils ahd to say about the 2017 Swimathon, held on 16 February 2017:

Grade 2 

Jessica: I enjoyed the Swimathon and swam freestyle all the way.

Ruby: I collected lots of rubber bands and swam butterfly most of the time.

Kiyona: I swam froggie and collected lots of bands. It was so much fun.

Regan: I collected 17 rubber bands. It was so cool.

Malaika: I collected 12 bands and really enjoyed myself.

Mikayla: I loved the Swimathon and enjoyed swimming with all my friends.

Chirho: I enjoyed swimming but mostly the cookies and ice-lollies that we got after our hard work. 

Grade 3

Mohaudi: At the Swimathon we all swam and we did lots of laps. I did 12 laps around the pool. We all had fun and I was proud of myself. We had a big cookie and an ice lolly afterwards. My mom said I did well and swam like a professional. 

Michael: Our Swimathon was fun and I beat my record from last year. At the end we got a cookie and an ice lolly. 

Amelia: The Swimathon was awesome and I enjoyed it. I was a little tired. I liked swimming freestyle and I liked my icy and cookie. 

Angelina: The Swimathon was fun and I got 13 bands. My dad was there and he did the bands in Lane 1. 

Salvatore: The Swimathon was the best day ever and very exciting. 

Christian: The best part about the Swimathon was that I beat last year’s lengths. My mom was so proud of me. 

Valentine: The Swimathon was amazing. I swam 17 laps. All the teachers swam and were fairies. I had so much fun!

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