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The Junior Prep grows the love for reading

IMG 0925-140The Grade 1s bring their favourite books to life!

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Grade 2s celebrate their Heritage

IMG 3875-140

The Grade 2s get poetic about Heritage Day

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The Grade 2s tell us why they love Spring

IMG 8014-140The Grade 2s reflect on the reasons why Spring is so special at Dainfern College.

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The Junior Prep celebrates our nation

The Junior Prep pupils get crafty on Mandela Day 2017The Junior Prep students celebrated Mandela Day with love, joy and colour!

Mandela Day 2017 was one of the most exciting days of the year in the Junior Prep. The children each brought a book and a pair of socks, which they donated to a creche. And they spent the morning decorating cookies and crafting bookmarks, also to be donated to school children. 

Our pupils loved being part of the good deed! Some of the Grade 3B pupils shared their thoughts with us:

"I like that you get 67 minutes to do things for other children" - Michael

"I liked that we decorated cookies" - Christian

"What I like about Mandela Day is that we can make a difference" - Amelia

"I like that we celebrate Mandela’s birthday" - Angelina

"I like that we celebrate Mandela Day because Mandela fought for the rights of SA" -  Olivia

"I like Mandela Day because I got to give kids books to help them with their education and that makes me feel special inside" - Melissa

"I enjoyed Mandela Day because we gave kids books and we made cookies and bookmarks" - Valentina

"I like Mandela Day because we get to help the children" - Zevannah

"I like Mandela Day because we give poor people food" - Salvatore

"I like Mandela Day because he fought for us and gave us freedom. He respected all of us and he is my hero" - Micaiah

"I like Mandela Day because we celebrate Mandela’s birthday" - Kiara

"On Mandela Day, I liked icing biscuits and giving books and socks" - Tatum

"Mandela Day is special as a child gets a book to read" - Selwyn

"I like that Mandela set us all free" - Jenna

"Mandela Day is special because Mandela gave everyone freedom" - Mohaudi.

The race is on...

Kraken House emerged victorious at the Junior Prep InterHouse AthleticsThe Junior Prep students reflect on their Interhouse athletics experience.

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Musicians shine bright at the Music Festival

Musicians shine bright at the Dainfern College Music FestivalParents, staff and pupils alike were astonished by the talent of our musicians, who performed in the Dainfern College Music Festival in June.

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Mrs Blackhurst talks about Visible Thinking

Mrs Blackhurst writes about 21st Century Education, for ISASA magazineOur Junior Prep Principal, Mrs Blackhurst, wrote an article for ISASA’s magazine, in which she discusses rich task activities that harness 21st Century Skills in the JP.

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