Shirean Redman awarded King Constantine Medal

The King Constantine Medal is awarded annually at each International Round Square School to a person who best lives out (and who we trust will continue to live out) the Round Square IDEALS. His Majesty King Constantine is the President and Founding Patron of Round Square and has chaired the organisation since 1966.

This year this medal was awarded to Matric student Shirean Redman who has promoted the Round Square IDEALS throughout her High School career and who demonstrates many valuable character traits clearly evident in her very nature.

In her Grade 9 year, Shirean attended the Junior Round Square Conference hosted by Stanford Lake. Shirean engaged in all of the activities and demonstrated key teamwork skills early on in her High School career. Shirean continued to show this commitment to teamwork in her tireless contribution to the Athletics, Swimming, Water Polo and Hockey teams. She has also served the Phoenix house with commitment and pride. 

In her Grade 10 year, Shirean took up the opportunity to expand her International horizons as she travelled across the world to Australia for a five week exchange. On the receiving end, Shirean also hosted an exchange student from Peru at the beginning of 2017 and has always been the first to offer assistance to any of our incoming exchanges.

Shirean enjoys serving those in need and has a wonderful sense of responsibility and compassion towards others. This is marked through her 193 outreach hours and through the respect she shows her friends, fellow students, staff and parents.

Congratulations Shirean!

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