Country Readiness School

Country Readiness School at Dainfern College

The Country Readiness School is an independently owned pre-school, situated on the Dainfern College Campus. The school caters for children aged two-and-a-half to five years of age, and is a proud member of ISASA. 

Country Readiness School is managed by Carolyn Bowden, with Principal Jenny Marques at the helm. Teacher Jenny has almost 27 years’ experience in the Foundation Phase. She taught at Dainfern College before joining Country Readiness School and is renowned for her progressive thinking and understanding of children. Her passion for education and her vivacious energy make her an exceptional headmistress for the pre-school. Children simply love her imaginative and positive approach!

“We are so proud to have Country Readiness School on our campus. Children at Country Readiness School are part of the Dainfern family. They are always so well prepared for ‘big school’, equipped with all the right skills; confident and secure. We know that this confidence and capability is a direct result of the excellent environment and professional practice at Country Readiness School. Their methodologies and values are aligned with ours in every respect and so the school complements us perfectly,” explains Patti Blackhurst, Junior Preparatory Principal, Dainfern College.

To find out more about Country Readiness School, please visit their website:

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