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The Dainfern Difference: Growing leaders

Dainfern College values excellence as an aspiration in everything that we do. We seek to maintain a disciplined, supportive environment, in which respect, courtesy, consideration and manners are central to the atmosphere we create. We strive for the development of each individual so that they might reach their full potential and we recognise the importance of belonging to, and of bonding with a community.

Our Mission reads: “Dainfern College develops the skills for life required to unlock unique personal potential and to nurture creative thinkers with the confidence to become leaders – through the provision of an innovative, relevant and quality education.”

Our Leadership Programme gives students the opportunity to learn and practice leadership. We believe that all students have leadership potential, and it can be developed through strategic and intentional mentorship. As such, we teach and exposes students to key leadership values (such as self-discipline, courage and respect), knowledge and skills (e.g. communication and conflict resolution), so that they can become exceptional leaders.

Our Leadership Programme

The aim of the Leadership Programme is to give all Grade 11 learners going into their Grade 12 year an opportunity to experience leadership and be inspired to develop their own leadership potential. The programme is structured, so that students feel well-equipped, supported and rewarded. There is a strong focus on mentorship; staff are given opportunities to lead and mentor students, thus developing leadership amongst students (much more so than would be the case in a traditional prefect system, where there is limited mentorship). As Dainfern College is blessed with many talented, resourceful and experienced teachers, this increased engagement of a variety of staff is one of the exciting aspects of the Leadership Programme.

All Grade 11 students are encouraged to apply to the Leadership programme by the end of the second term, and they must meet certain basic requirements (e.g. service via outreach; attendance at camps, where leadership development was the key focus, etc). Each student on the programme is appointed to a specific Leadership Portfolio, and is allocated a mentor teacher who will guide them. The Leaders are evaluated on their performance twice during their Grade 12 year, and based on these evaluations, may be eligible for a Leadership Award such as a Certificate of Participation, a Team Award, Half-colours, Full colours or Honours based on the results of these two evaluations. 

We acknowledge that some learners are natural leaders, and will excel through the programme. Others may not. But all will gain very important skills, knowledge and values that will no doubt serve them well beyond school.

At the end of each season, we acknowledge students’ different natural abilities, skills, committed service and experience in the fields of academics, sport and culture, by awarding colours. And we also do so for the important area of leadership.

The Red Blazer is the highest award Dainfern College can bestow on a student. The Red Blazer celebrates the achievements of those exceptional students who excel across the various important areas of College life. To receive a Red Blazer a pupil must have achieved a minimum of full colours in any three of these areas: Academics, a sport, a cultural arts activity, Service and the Leadership Programme. These pupils are genuine all-rounders at the highest level, rather than specialists in one field.

At the second term's Colours Assembly, held on 3 August, we were very proud to award a Red Blazer to Kiara Baker and Joshir Singh (Grade 11), as well as Christopher Giannopoulos. What an awesome achievement for these students! 

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